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The harness is recognized as the best alternative to the collar, given that:

1- distributes the forces deriving from tractions directly on the dog's chest, avoiding stress on the neck and trachea, protecting the dog from any trauma.

2- it guarantees a better ability to move the neck and therefore the dog's head while walking. This facilitates communication processes when meeting other dogs and facilitates patrolling (sniffing) during the walk.

Perros Life produces a wide range of technical harnesses for dogs. All items designed and developed in Italy (the real Made in Italy).

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Harness for dogs with nylon straps. Equipped with two snap closures and ring set back for attachment to the carabiner. A "V" processing in the lower part of the chest allows this article to position itself correctly with the dog's structure, avoiding the problem of rotating the harness on the chest of the dog. Ideal harness for dogs with a deep and...